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Virtual Nurse
The Best Android Symptom Checker

Do You Need To See A Doctor?

So Easy To Use

The Virtual Nurse is an Android app which will ask questions to help you diagnose medical problems to help you answer the question "Do I need to see a doctor?" 

The medical content was developed by Harvard Medical School, one of the worlds leading medical research institutions

The app includes access to 136 decision guides which cover 98% of the reasons you might need to see a doctor

Premium Medical Content
Developed by Harvard Medical School, one of the worlds leading medical schools.

Actionable Advice
So you know exactly where you need to go if you need medical attention.

Voice Activated
So you can talk to it, just like you would to a doctor.



Virtual Nurse Screenshots

Select Guide
Welcome screen allows you to select a decision guide.

There are 136 guides covering 98% of the reasons people need to see the doctor.

Answer Questions
Each guide will ask you a series of questions to help Alice, the Virtual Nurse, arrive at the correct prognosis.

There are two ways you can interact with Alice. You can use the touchscreen to select options or you can press the microphone and talk to her, just like Siri.

Get Recommendation
There are three possible recommendations:

  1. This is an emergency and you should go straight to the ER
  2. This is something which does require a doctor’s attention
  3. There is no need to seek formal medical attention

Voice Powered
The whole app is voice powered, using the same technology which powers Siri.

So now you can talk to your phone, just like you would to a doctor.


User Reviews Of Our App

"Very useful"
Ended up changing my birth control method after using this app!


Who knew condoms were not effective on their own against unwanted pregnancy?


Very in depth information


"Initial skepticism overcome"
Was initially skeptical about this but the quality of the information is high. Useful for men to learn from too.


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